My family’s involvement with the You Rock School of Music began nearly 4 years ago in early 2011. We were looking for guitar lessons for my son (then 8 years old) and knew our 5 year old daughter was interested in taking piano lessons. In speaking with Sean Rogan prior enrolling either child, I was immediately impressed by his patience, thoughtfulness, and clear vision for teaching music to kids. He pays attention to individual learning styles and teaches the kids to develop a of love of making music as well as the discipline required to do it well. Through working with Sean my kids found this love of music fast and fell hard. They have had the opportunity to play all types of instruments in groups and as individuals. They have worked on solo pieces for competition and performed in front of large audiences.

With Sean’s guidance, my son has developed not only the technical excellence needed to play guitar well, but also the confidence that he is an excellent guitarist and musician. My kids sit with their instruments and the two of them write songs together for fun, try to figure out how to play songs they like from the radio and work on them with their friends, all the time knowing they will get guidance and support from Sean as they work toward making their very best music. You Rock School of Music cultivates that kind of joy and confidence, and it’s no small thing to see these qualities shine in your kids.

- Kristin P.

Having played guitar for over 30 years, I was looking for an opportunity to have my children have greater access to music teaching beyond the programming provided at the elementary school level.  I was introduced to Sean after a recommendation from a friend who’s children were taking lessons.  Sean was well prepared and enthusiastic to work with my children; my son on guitar and my daughter  on  the piano.  It didn’t take long for my kids to make progress and build confidence in their skills under Sean’s guidance and instruction.  A highlight for me was when my children performed on stage with Sean and other students at a recital and had a blast!

 What transpired next was truly amazing for me personally.  As I continued to interact with Sean, he prodded me about my goals and ambitions as a guitar player, and got me to admit that I always dreamed of being able to play ‘lead’ guitar after being a ‘strummer’ for 30+ years.  I began working with Sean on learning how to build upon my existing skill set three years ago.  As a result, my love of music and guitar playing has been rekindled and I’m playing in a way I never thought I’d ever be able to do.  I have had the great opportunity and fortune to perform on stage with other musicians as part of Sean’s student recitals while reaching goals and fulfilling dreams I never thought attainable.

I cannot provide a strong enough recommendation for Sean’s ability to successfully and effectively communicate, inspire and motivate his students to reach higher, try harder and develop skills that will provide a lifetime of connectivity and love of music.  He is a gifted teacher and great person be around.

- Ted L.

Getting involved in Sean’s music school is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our son. Sean’s more than a teacher, he’s also become a mentor and friend. Our child has grown so much both personally and musically throughout the years he’s taken lessons with Sean. The balance between fun and hard work has left him with the skill, stage presence and confidence of a superstar!

We know a lot of people who work with Sean and have seen first hand how his versatility, creativity, and ceaseless optimism help him cater his style to many different types of students. He has a great way of bringing out the best in people. It never ceases to amaze me how he authentically connects with so many in a way that makes them all feel special. Sean is the real deal!

- Grateful Edgewood “Rocker” Mom

I Rock!

I have been taking lessons from Sean for about 4 years now. I say lessons, because it is not just guitar classes that Sean offers. From voice to violin, Beachbody and in between; Sean has changed my life.

Sean has patience, and a kindness that is equal to his talent and knowledge of music. His iron clad belief in my capability and his amazing "you can DO IT" attitude brings out the best of me and challenges me to be better.

Sean creates a space with every lesson where one can learn to write, sing, and play music. Sean is also my Beachbody coach. He has helped me transform my life.  Sean provides inspiration to motivate me to change my body, as well as my mind. Sean is the perfect blend of talent, passion, and knowledge that he uses to help you reach your goals. Sean ROCKS, and he can teach you how to ROCK too!

- Remy M.